TGIF! & Emma 8mo

It's Friday!!! Hooray!

Today, I'm going to blab about my little lambie, who turned 8 months old this past weekend.  She's sitting up so well and her belly is getting so fat (from eating her beloved puree'd fruit & veggies).  It's been a really fun month.  She's getting so active and is finally over the separation anxiety phase.  She still hates naps, but she gets good night-sleep.  She's starting to pre-crawl (balancing on her hands and toes).

People keep telling me that I'm going to regret saying I'm looking forward to her mobile phase, but I really like her independence already.

Can her cheeks get any bigger?  :)  She's such a cutie.

Weekly writing progress: I was able to meet with my writer's group this past Monday and got some good feedback on the end of Part 1.  Wrote about 2 hours this past week.  Need to start outlining some important plot points that's been gestating for a few months.

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