TGIF! & Emma 9mo

Yay, it's Friday again!  Woohoo!
My little lambie turned 9 months old this week, which means that she has been alive just as many days as she was gestating in my belly.  Kinda sad, kinda scary, and kinda exciting at the same time.  (I know babies are hearty, but it still amazes me that I haven't damaged her in some stupid way.)

Some highlights of this past month:
* she got a small cold, but nothing serious that required a trip to the doctor.
* she started scooting backward on hands and knees.
* she's in a "stranger danger" phase, but still likes looking at people.
* she's not eating as much as before, but still eating.  Butternut squash is her favorite food.
* she's still babbling like crazy; I'm sure she's going to be a chatty Kathy when she grows up.
* she loves music, listening to it and waving her arms to the beat.

A visit to the doctor told us that she is still petite (below the 0% in weight).  I still think all of her fat goes into her cheeks.  Cute little girl.

Anyway, happy Friday!

Weekly writing progress: finished editing and rewriting my new Ch.1.  Am thinking about a new Ch.2, too.  The Monday night hosting last week didn't work out...too many people sick or unavailable.  I hope this cold thing blows over soon!

If you're the praying kind, please pray for Emma's nanny and her family.  Sicknesses have been cycling in and out of her family for almost a month.  :(

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