TGIF & Top 10 Baby Things: Part 2

My little lambie turns 1 year old in THREE DAYS!  Can you believe it?

In honor of her birthday, I've compiled a list of our top 10 favorites.  These are items #5-#1.
Did you miss items #10-#6?  Read it here (EDIT)!

Emma went through a giant diarrhea spell around 6months and it lasted for over a month.  Grandma El's diaper rash cream saved her soft little tooshie!  It smells good and goes on better than Desitin.  It is also safe for cloth diapers, meaning it doesn't affect the absorbancy of the diaper.

#4. Puj sink tub

While we only used the Puj sink tub for 3 months (after Emma's umbilical cord fell off), it was great.  I liked that I didn't have to bend over to wash her, especially while I was still healing from delivery.  The tub actually fit in our sink (unlike the big blue one that she uses now).  It has a soft, rubbery surface that is nice against the bare skin, and unfolds flat for easy storage and drying.

#3. Itzbeen timer

I use this EVERY DAY!  I've always used the Itzbeen buttons a bit differently than what they're designated for, but it totally works and keeps my "mom brain" from forgetting how long it's been since I nursed/diapered/started a nap.  At the beginning, it was so hard to mentally calculate anything, I was so tired all the time.  I also relabeled some of the buttons with a piece of tape, to keep track of how many minutes I was nursing on each side.  Nowadays, I only use it while nursing to keep track of how long between feedings.

#2. Miracle Blanket swaddle

Emma was a "spirited baby" (according to the Baby Whisperer) at the beginning.  She hated sleeping.  She wanted to be awake all the time looking at everyone.  The Miracle Blanket totally helped.  I bought it on a whim from Zulily.  I could never get the hang of swaddling with a normal blanket, she'd cry and cry and cry.  If she slept, her arms always escaped and she'd wake herself up.  This eliminates operator error.  We only used it for about 5 months (because the pediatrician suggested we wean her off around 4 months old), but it was a great relief.

#1. Phillips Soothie pacifier 
(at 3 weeks old)

The Phillips Soothie pacifier that the hospital gives to babies/moms who want it has been a sleep saver.  I first read that pacifiers were bad for nursing babies, and I was hesitant to use it, and I know that some moms don't advocate using one, but I don't regret using it at all.  My lactation consultant Doris said they are very helpful because it's a way for babies to comfort themselves, so after she told me that, we used it a lot.  We tried not to use it during the day when we held her.  But at times, it kept her satisfied when she wasn't hungry.  It kept her soothed when she was trying to sleep.  We still give it her at night in her crib and sometimes in the carseat.  She doesn't always use it, but she can find it an put it into her mouth by herself if she wants to.  She also likes to chew on it when she is teething.  I never had a problem with using another type of pacifier, so we just went with this one. 

Ah!  Done with the Top 10!  Did you use any of the 10 items yourself?
Happy Friday!

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